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Sexy See Thru Bikini in Mexico - SammyTyler

I love this sexy micro bikini. I feel so sexy when i wear it on the beach and guys walk by and their stare never leaves my frame. I don't even have to flash anything because the bikini is so sheer. You like my tiny bikini pics? Wanna see more? Good reason for me to go back down to Mexico ;)~ Kisses!
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Comments (3)
PeterL22 on Nov 17, 2016
absolutelt gorgeous - I'm wondering how much more transparent it goes whenit gets wet!
Darren825 on Jan 17, 2014
utterly beautiful, stunningly sexy and hot as hell Sammy..loves it xxxxx
Dinger84 on Jan 14, 2014
I want to buy you more bikinis... you look so hot in them!
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