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Candy Cum Witches - SammyTyler

Now this is how you get a great Halloween party started! Allie was hosting a Halloween party at her house and she invited me over to help her decorate. I love decorating for the holidays so I was happy to help her. We were pretty much done decorating but our guests weren't arriving for a while yet so we decided to get in our costumes to make sure everything fit perfectly. Well come on guys... you know if you get Allie and I in the same room with time to spare were ganna fill that time with.... you guessed it SEX! Lots and lots of kissing and boob licking and pussy play. It just happens to be both of our favorite little pass times. We were both able to have several orgasms before the rest of our guests arrived. It turned into quite the crazy night. Our innocent little Halloween party turned into a big fucking crazy orgy party. Not that I didn't expect that it would. After all we do have some fun and wild friends. Enjoy the pics guys and have a fantabulous Halloween! s Website Visit Allie's site
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